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Monday, 6 May 2019

Went to See Maxime Bernier and the Peoples Party of Canada at a Bar in Toronto on Thursday Night

PPC leader Bernier and the author at a bar last Thursday. Photo c/o Chuck Black.

          By Chuck Black

Maxime Bernier gave a rousing speech, shook a lot of hands (including mine) and talked about the issues of the day with the 200 or so people in attendance at a May 2nd, 2019 Peoples Party of Canada (PPC) event in Toronto ON.

He even spoke with people from the "Yellow Vest movement," a loose network  who promote "a general sense of anger toward the Liberal government, and a range of other views from pro-oil to anti-immigration sentiments" according to the May 3rd, 2019 Global News post, "Maxime Bernier mingles with Yellow Vest protesters at Toronto event."

And while there is certainly nothing wrong with being open to civil discussion with individuals and activists of all stripes, it does seem a little odd for the Global News article to categorize people likely to vote against the Liberal government as "people who promote a general sense of anger toward the Liberal government."

After all, members of the Conservatives, the Peoples Party of Canada, the NDP and even the Green Party all promote a "general sense of anger towards the Liberal party" if only because there's an election coming up and each party hopes to defeat the government at the ballot box. This is what they're supposed to do. It's a part of a thriving democracy.

Anyway, a good time was held by all at the event. Here's hoping for many more in the run up to the next election.

If anyone from the Liberal party or Global News shows up next time, I promise to buy them a beer, if only to diffuse that "general sense of anger" they seem to feel.

Just so long as I don't have to vote for them... 

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